smartPDU 48

  • 16,335.00 excl. BTW / Day
  • Power in / through: Powerlock 500A, 5-wire (TN-S) 230/400V.
  • Main breaker Protection: MCCB 4-pole. Immediate disconnect in case of lost neutral (over voltage protection).
  • Master metering: All voltages, currents (incl neutral), power factor and frequency.
  • No. of main channels: 48.
  • Connection, protection Socapex or Harting multipin – RCBO 2-pole, 16A – 30mA.
  • Aux channels 1 phase: 7.
  • Connection, protection: CEE 3-pole – RCBO 2-pole, 16A – 30mA.
  • Aux channels 3 phase: 2.
  • Connection, protection CEE 5-pole – MCB 4-Pole 16/32/*63A/RCD 30mA.
  • Dimensions: 19”, 23U x 553mm.
  • Weight: 82 kg.
  • Certifications, standards: EN 61439-1, EN 62368-1:2014, EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 55015:2006+A2:2009, BS7671, BS7909.


At the heart of every modern event is power distribution, providing power to show-critical and highly valuable equipment. The StageSmarts smartPDU 48 sets a new standard in functionality, flexibility, reliability and safety. It is suitable for all applications; from the smallest venue to the largest tour.

Key Features
– 48 Channels
– True load monitoring – quick and easy overview of output loading.
– Loss of neutral protection prevents costly damage to connected loads caused by over-voltages
– Remote supervision. The networked system enables you to quickly view the status of all smartPDU’s in your system from any location on any device with a browser.
– Superior circuit breakers – all breakers hold their rated current regardless of temperature