• / Day
  • Footprint W x D 2,5 /2,3m x 2,5m – 98.5″/90.5″ x 95.5″
  • Maximum load capacity 650kg – 1,433lbs
  • Maximum height 7,5m – 24.6ft
  • Subwoofer platform
  • Protection Roof
  • Set-up time 00:20 – 2 technicians


Is a rigging system for all types of line sources within the limits of the product specifications. With the help of one (1) electric chain hoist with a minimum capacity of 250 kg – 550 lbs., you can raise the mast and also lift your loudspeakers. However, the system is designed to provide you with front and rear rigging facilities on the bumper by installing a second chain hoist in case this method is preferred. MINI TOWER mk2 travels on its wheels as a package of three trusses. While the Base-part contains all other parts. After installation, no parts such as flight cases remain.