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  • Pixel Pitch: 10.18 mm
  • Brightness: 6500 nits
  • Weight: 28000 kg excl tractor
  • Screen Size: 13056 x 7680


Smallest footprint
The JUMBO40 needs only 2,5 m by 13,6m of space. There are no extendable legs needed.
Powergenerator – 40sqm screen large control room & sound. This winner takes it all.

Ideal for promotional tours
The JUMBO40 has a unique feature: A 15 cubic meter big compartment. Here you can stow your promotional items. Heavy or large items can be transported with the integrated lift.

Side panels for Branding
The JUMBO40 can be equipped with your logo or message:
– Screen: 2x 10 m2 branding surface
– Trailer: The whole body can be wrapped with your logo’s, pictures or messages.

The JUMBO40 was built according to the strictest guidelines for safety. It can resist wind loads till 8 Beaufort.