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  • Pixel Pitch: 12.00 mm
  • Brightness: 7000 nits
  • Weight: 28000 kg excl tractor
  • Screen Size: 13056 x 7680


World’s Biggest
YES, it’s true… This is the one and only worldwide. 100.27 square meter – 12 meters top of screen.

Mobile Stage
The JUMBO100 has a unique feature: A 70 square meter large stage is hidden in the trailer. The setup time for the stage is only 15 minutes.

Several Screen Options
The JUMBO100 can be used in several modes:
– Full-size: 100,27 square meter
– Split-screen: A 70 square meter screen outside for public viewing and a 30 square meter screen inside the trailer for publicity. In both options the customer can choose to unfold

The JUMBO100 was built according to the strictest guidelines for safety. It can resist wind loads till 8 Beaufort. The stage has a load limit of 5kN per square meter.