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  • Pixel Pitch: 10.18 mm
  • Brightness: 6500 nits
  • Weight: 28000 kg excl tractor
  • Screen Size: 13056 x 7680


Black box full of options
– Generator on-board
– Full equipped control-room
– Wind load warning system

Liftable by a Mobile Crane
The Container30 has a unique feature: It can be lifted by a mobile (tower) crane. This makes it possible to put this screen everywhere. Even on a high platform, like on the roof of a Formule 1 building.

Smallest Footprint
Ideal for places where you don’t want a big truss construction to ruin your line of sight.
The Container30 can be used in several modes: Container only: 30 m2 16/9 with a 7,82 x 3,4 m
Truck + screen: 10m x

The CONTAINER30 was built according to the strictest guidelines for safety. It can resist wind loads till 8 Beaufort.